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What it would be like to:
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  • have your brand identity on the desktop of your customers, stockholders, employees and vendors with access to the information you want them to experience.
  • have your message and information easily found and downloadable in a form that the recipient will truly understand, launched right from the desktop icon.
  • track downloaded information at the user level.
  • have your existing material such as:
  • Word Documents




    Audio Recordings


    Internet Pages

    Adobes Documents


    easily transformed into a single seamless presentation.
  • bring people into a Voice-Driven University so they can hear you and speak with you while you present your information using web pages, PowerPoint and interactive whiteboard.
  • have your information shared via a built-in "word of mouth" program (that is trackable without cookies) that gives you growing exposure and the reportable results.
  • have your message and information protected from copyright violations and unauthorized use.
  • have the wealth of your historical documents, videos, audios and more integrated into a single presentation system.
  • measure the effectiveness of your information delivery including feedback assessments and certification/compliance capabilities.
  • create new revenue streams from your information.

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Begins With A Fully Customized
Desktop Presence
Control Panel


  • Background Skin
  • Company Name
  • Company Logo
  • Button Names
  • Button Audios
  • Dropdown Names
  • Dropdown Audios
  • Dropdown Content